Mugoba – Allowing Contradictions

2023, site specific installation and performance
Mugoba is a temporarily temple in which you can honour the unborn within you.

Mugoba was presented and performed at Graceland festival 2023 and a two week performance program at WIHH gallery.


In Allowing Contradictions we research what are all the voices that speak to you when faced with potential loss. Loss of a dream, a plan? In this performance, the deer mother takes you through the different voices you might hear. A script awaits you in this performance, will you step in?


The audience is invited in groups of seven. They are asked to represent one of the seven voices of the deer mother. After connecting deeply with this voice you are invited to listen to your own unheard voices about a controversial life experience. You are invited to pray with the embryonal deers and the ritual is guided by the drum and some constellation work.



Allowing Contradictions was made in collaboration with Anne Gehring.


Photography: Elke Smit

Film: Jara van den Bosch


Supported by: Iona Stichting, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Rebel’s uitvaartonderneming