Mugoba – Wildest dreams

2023, plantbased colored cotton, wool, silk

Long live the dream, the reality that is not yet but sometimes accidentally touches somewhere in your body and then suddenly plays out before your mind’s eye. Are you allowed to fearlessly, clumsily, naively, and massively grasp a dream? How do you grasp it? How do you cherish a dream? How do you care for it?


In a performance in which is explored the dream which is visualized with object play. The audience is invited to share their dream. Eventually play out bits of it to each other.

Performance: Roosien Verlaan

Dramaturgy Leela May Stokholm


Photograhpy: Elke Smit

Film: Menke de Visser


Supported by: Iona Stichting, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Rebel’s uitvaartonderneming