Yule & the watery womb of the world

2023, performative ritual co-created with Nina van Hartskamp, handdyed cotton, wool and silk.

Yule is the celebration of light in times of darkness.


On the darkest day of the year artists Roosien Verlaan and Nina van Hartskamp invite you to shine light on your personal journey of the past year in a ritual performative installation.

What wants to surface when you wander into the dark and surrender your body?


In a world of watery wombs we invite you to walk with us, towards the hidden side of the moon and surrender to what wants to arise, be felt, and voiced.


Do you dare to light up your hidden fears and dreams?

And shine light on what wants to be born, for the year to come?


Good to know:

In this ritual we invite you to inquiry and contemplation. Unknown things might open up. We aim to be intense. Rather than a safe space we aim to host a soft brave space.


Performers and co-creaters: Roberta Petzoldt, Sander Nelissen, Zippora Martoesowando, Sander Ivo van Driel.

Photograhpy: Elke Smit

Supported by: Ruigoord