Dead Animal, Sacred Animal 

Workshop on September 30th from 13:00 to 17:00


Dead animal, sacred animal. By working with deceased animals, we connect with the sanctity of life, the cycle of birth and death. Each participant in the workshop creates a talisman from a piece of a deceased animal. We listen and feel the material, the essence, and the spirit that flowed through this animal. Working with dead animals connects us with our ancestry by using simmilar skills and developing craftmanship. It places us in the cycle of interconnected life. The dead animal connects us through matter to questions about the relationships we form with other living beings. Hunting animals, idolizing animals, making things from animals. Where do we stand in relation to each other? The dead piece of animal also speaks to our consumption patterns. The material we work with in the workshop is considered ‘waste’ in the meat industry and has no economic value.


Context: Rosalie is currently working on Botanical Brothel. In the Botanical Brothel, Rosalie explores how eroticism can help us experience a new perspective on the future. Eroticism as a response to the ecological crisis. With vitality, playfulness, excitement, and pleasure, we can connect with life and dead around us. Experience the animation of everything, feel that we are never alone but deeply connected to everything around us. The future is erotic. The future is green. The future is interconnected.